numConference TitleDateCity
18th International Conference on Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine2017-10-20تورنتو
28th Interntional conference on Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine2017-10-20تورنتو
3Proceedings of the 21 European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition2017-05-08Tarrogona
4The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit of the WPSA2016-10-20Milan
5توسعه با محوریت کشاورزی، محیط زیست و گردشگری2015-09-16تبریز
6XIVth European Poultry Conference2014-06-23Stavanger
7سی و دومین گرد همایی علوم زمین2014-02-16رشت
84th International Veterinary Poultry Congress2014-02-16تهران
9Internationa symposium Alternatives to antibiotics(ATA)2012-09-25
1063rd Annual Meeting EAAP 20122012-08-27
11Poultry Science Association 101st Annual Meeting2012-07-09Athens-Georgia
1237th Animal Nutrition Reasearch Forum2012-04-18
13سومین کنگره بین المللی دامپزشکی طیور2012-02-22Tehran
14Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS)2012-02-19Sydney
155th combined workshop, fundamental physiology and perinatal development in poultry2011-08-31Wageningen, The Netherlands
1662nd Annual Meeting of the EAAP2011-07-16سنت لویس، میسوری
17Poultry Science Meeting 20112011-07-16St. Louis
19Joint Animal Science Meetings (ADSA, PSA, AMPA, CSAS, WSASAS, ASAS)2010-07-11دنور
20Joint Animal Science meeting of ADSA, PSA, AMPA, CSAS, WSASAS, ASAS2010-07-11دنور
21WPSA (UK Branch) ANNUAL MEETING2010-04-13Belfast
22British society of Animal Science and World Poultry Science (UK2010-04-12بلفاست
23British Society of Animal Science World Poultry Science (UK2010-04-12بلفاست
24World Academy of Science and Technology conference2009-09-22Amsterdam
2597th Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting2008-06-20تورنتو-نیاگارا
261st Mediterranean Summit of WPSA, Advances and Challenges in Poultry Science2008-05-07Porto Caras, Chalkidiki
27British Society of Animal Science 20082008-03-31Scarborough
2816th European symposium on poultry nutrition2007-08-26
29XII European Poultry Conference2006-09-14
30(56th annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP2005-06-05آپسالا
31British Society of Animal Science2004-04-09یورک
32Poultry Science Association1999-08-08Arkansas